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Business portrait session with serial entrepreneur Mikkel Pitzner.
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I had the opportunity before the new year to work with Mikkel Pitzner on updating his business headshot and visual representation for the multitude of business operations that he is involved in...seriously, check out his site, there's a ton of things he's involved in!  Being such a relaxed, down to earth guy, he was up for pretty much anything.  We discussed what he wanted to get out of the shoot and some specific styles that we wanted to work with as a base for our ideas and poses, etc.  We decided to do some on-location style shots at the Highlands Ranch Mansion (after removing a good portion of Christmas decorations...yes I put them back).  We also decided that more traditional studio style headshots were in order.  

We had to move pretty fast to get all of the shots in that we wanted.  While I wasn't on a super tight schedule, Mikkel definitely was and I respected that. Personally, I love setting up the lights, figuring out the problems associated with on-location lighting and business expressions, postures, and how to get it all working together to look good. I could do that all day. In the end, I think we came up with a good set of shots and variety of poses to match his variety of business dealings.  

I wish you massive future successes Mikkel.  When you need to renew your portraits, I am already logging some cool ideas.  


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