Great times shooting for new friends

I love fall family photoshoots

I had a chance to take some pictures of this great family recently in Highlands Ranch at Fly-n-Bee park. We had to wait a bit for the children to expend some energy so we could rangle in some pictures of them in action (but not blurry action). We picked apples, ran up and down the parking area, and finally they were ready for some more intimate and genuine expressions to make great portraits. When Dad Kyle showed up they were more than happy (and properly tuckered out) to be in his arms and in Lindsay's arms as well. We took a group of good backlit shots from the setting sun and moved over to the lake to take some more group pictures (I noted that I wanted to catch the sunset from that same vantage point as it appeared there were going to be some nice wispy clouds that could work in my favor). With the sun down and the children loosing steam, we went back to capture those nice colorful clouds reflected from the set sun (top image). Great way to round out a solid day. Thanks guys! I look forward to connecting for some business shoots next.

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